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Legal and non illicit photography and web design by contract, otherwise freelance.
Yamas on ranch..jpg
Mt, Baker on Lamma Farm Outside of Bellingham
Yamas on ranch..jpg
 Francie and  Gordon Johnson in front of Mt. Baker in Bellingham, Washington;  Relatives of
the family have a Lama Farm for the purpose of taking them around the World to hike and climb Mountains.  Bellingham is in the North Western part of the State of Washington. The Photographer and this web page designer in the red vest photo's where taken by Gordon Johnson.
This technique doesn't need to be the clients choice of Photography or Web Design, Greg is quit capable, of taking instructions for your needs.
Taken in Bellingham, Wa. at my Aunt and
Gregory B. Helfrich.jpg
Relative and aunt..jpg
If you look closely, they are Bee's in the flowers to the right. These flowers are in the relatives garden.
Gregory B.G. Helfrich, on top.
Francie Johnson and Relative at right.
Photos of Photographer are taken by Gordon Johnson unless specifically noted. He is my Uncle,
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