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Born: September 1959
in Spartunburg, S.C.  Moved to Wyzata, MN. 1963, Then moved to Puget Sound Area of the Washington State in 1968. Lived north and south of the Puget Sound area since. Moved up to ten or more times, from 6 months in one Abode, to 12 years in another.
I have attended up to 18 or more years in Community Colleges thru out the Puget Sound area. From University of Puget Sound(a four year institution), to 6 months accredited courses in one community college. I used 4 years in community college to earn a General Studies Degree(AA) at Bellevue College. I used 4 years to achieve Degree in Web Design(AA) and Web Programming(also AA) at Lake Washington Technical College. First college I attended from precollege school 
Overlake and later received some of my strongest Photography education was Seattle Central College. My studies varied from Surveying to Photography, Architectural Drafting to Ornimental Horticulture, so on. Photography is my main activity in my older years
Photo of Photographer below was by Brigham Johnson. A  Relative.
In Chihuly Glass museum at the Seattle C

I've been employed a majority of the time while in school. Starting as Bag Boy at Tradewell Grocery Stores in the Puget Sound area to Being a Medical Courier Delivery driver for Courier One Couriers. I worked with many Temporary Services While also being directly employed for many companies. The longest I worked with any one company is  4  years.
            I started into Photography in my elementary years, but really took off at my Precollege school of Overlake School in Redmond, WA.  I have been fairly consistent at Photography, but much of my work has been lost due to issues out of my control and moving so often.
Please consider me a Freelancer for any of your occasions who will do specific, detailed work of any project if needed. Thank you. Greg.

Self Portrait of Photographer
below. Taken with studio lamps.
Self Portrait  in 2007.jpg
Types Of Photography:
1: Landscape
2: Architecture
3: Group Photography
4: Client Photography
5: Trip Photography
6: On Boat experience               Photography
Work Experience:
1:  Weddings.
2: Trip Photography, Family's included.
3: Adult Party photography for client
4: Several clients as group photography, incl. Yarrow Point Parade scenario.

Pay was mixed for all jobs, but standard is $42.00  PH for local jobs, and agreed upon for any other.
Self Portraits of Photographer, below.
Client pays expenses and cost of Photography, web design work. When working together, labor will be by agreement. How much we may think my times worth.
Self Portrait grilling in 2008..jpg

Web Design should be considered highly expensive skill when Photography is included. Much more than$42.00 per hour. But the added expense of the job will relate on how much time is given to do the work for the contract. This relates to the quality and skilled experience placed into doing a contract for a good work.


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